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Monday, 9 December 2013

Cleaning Wolverhampton Lead-light Windows

Lead-lights can be harder to clean with cleaning products, or soapy suds. This is because the lead which joins the glass together or lead which is stuck on to the glass can hold soapy residue or other cleaning products under the lead and then later releasing or leaching onto the glass and then contaminating, leaving it with dirty water marks.

 The best way I have found and recommend to the residential homes to clean their ground level lead-lights Windows, is to purchase some deionized water from your local aquatic shop as they may be able to help you. 

Or you are welcome to have some of mine if I am in your area cleaning windows. Pour the deionized water into a spray bottle, then lightly spray the water onto the glass and then wipe the glass dry with a clean microbe cloth.  At this point, if there are any smudges or marks left on the window, repeat the process. Don't assume you've done a good job until you've done both sides of the glass! Windows can be deceiving.

Always be careful of any loose or cracked glass panes. These are normally best not cleaned until they have been professionally repaired.
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Please feel free to contact me for any other questions. Or for a free demonstration of how great your windows could look, please feel free to have a look on my website www.jetwashseal.co.uk to see if I clean Windows in your area.


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