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Friday 13 December 2013

The best tips to wash your windows (and retain your sanity!)

We've all been there - a weary glance at the smudged, ugly windows followed by a lasting, weary glance at the sinkful of boring cleaning products. This is usually followed by a last weary look back at those windows (that really, really need cleaning!) and a big old sigh.
Guess what, you’re not alone! Window washing was not designed to be a fun thing. Ever seen someone write ‘washing windows’ in their ‘hobbies’ section on an application form? Probably not - that is because it really isn't something most of us look forward to.
Window  Cleaning Wolverhampton

However most of us do take some enjoyment in seeing our windows clean and sparkling. It kind of makes the whole house look clean, right? The result of hard work is the best bit - the cup of tea while you’re sat down admiring how brilliant everything looks.

Well, the easiest way to get the job done without even lifting one weary finger is to call your window cleaner! No mess, no fuss, no problem.

However if you do fancy a bash at it yourself, here are a few friendly tips to help you get sparkling, clean windows (and keep all your limbs in tact!)

1. Safety first!

Seems obvious right? Right! It is obvious! If it seems dangerous or slaps you in the face with images of slapstick injuries or farcical comedy sketches that's probably because it isn't safe. IE the wobbly ladder looks precarious for a reason!

Don’t give yourself a one way ticket to the Darwin awards. Think about how much a broken arm (or worse) really is worth just for a clean window. Always use stable and safe equipment and don’t travel up high ladders if you don’t have someone to hold on at the bottom. And make sure they are stable.

2. Natural products -

It may all seem a little hemp hat and flower garlands but there’s a reason so many cleaning programmes on TV mention very basic solutions for cleaning. You may want to pay through the teeth for an all singing, all dancing brand cleaner but it may well not do the job as well as you think.
One solution mentioned a lot in relation to cleaning glass is white vinegar. Dirt cheap and completely safe, a solution of equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle will serve you well when beautifying those windows. Remember to wipe any dust from the window first as this may clog up your cloth and dirty any actual cleaning the vinegar is doing.

3. Practise makes perfect!

Don’t be too proud and don’t be a perfectionist. Don’t expect to know everything when you start cleaning windows, it can take people years of home maintenance to create a system that works best for them. Don’t feel like a plonker using equipment either. Squeegees were made for a reason! And don’t beat yourself up for leaving a few streaks, you’re only human after all. Everyone gets window envy from time to time - most of us will admit to seeing Mr Pristine lawn from 3 doors down doing his windows again and feeling a twitch of urgency inside to immediately get the bucket and sponge out!

Once you have a system devised you may even start to...enjoy the process! However if all else fails, its a lot less effort Contact  Pete! at Jet Wash Seal

Monday 9 December 2013

Cleaning Wolverhampton Lead-light Windows

Lead-lights can be harder to clean with cleaning products, or soapy suds. This is because the lead which joins the glass together or lead which is stuck on to the glass can hold soapy residue or other cleaning products under the lead and then later releasing or leaching onto the glass and then contaminating, leaving it with dirty water marks.

 The best way I have found and recommend to the residential homes to clean their ground level lead-lights Windows, is to purchase some deionized water from your local aquatic shop as they may be able to help you. 

Or you are welcome to have some of mine if I am in your area cleaning windows. Pour the deionized water into a spray bottle, then lightly spray the water onto the glass and then wipe the glass dry with a clean microbe cloth.  At this point, if there are any smudges or marks left on the window, repeat the process. Don't assume you've done a good job until you've done both sides of the glass! Windows can be deceiving.

Always be careful of any loose or cracked glass panes. These are normally best not cleaned until they have been professionally repaired.
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Please feel free to contact me for any other questions. Or for a free demonstration of how great your windows could look, please feel free to have a look on my website www.jetwashseal.co.uk to see if I clean Windows in your area.

Sunday 8 December 2013

How to clean small panes of glass in Wolverhampton

How to clean small panes -

For many professional window cleaners, cleaning small window panes are literally a big pain! This is because they take a lot longer to do and can be harder to get a good result. Our Service will leave your windows sparkling crystal clear with no streaks and includes cleaning your window frames and sills as part of the regular service. However with Georgian style windows I always recommend they are done every four weeks to achieve best cleaning Results.  We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and use the latest in therm clean pure cleaning technology.
Window Washing Wolverhampton

Our ladderless Reach and Wash window cleaning system is the safest and most effective way of cleaning Georgian windows as all work is carried out from the ground.  Ladders and other dangerous methods are in most cases eliminated. Reach and Wash window cleaning is quick and disruption is virtually non-existent.
Using  99.9% pure water, once cleaned the water on the window evaporates quickly without leaving any 'streaky' marks or stains on the glass.

Please feel free to contact me for any other questions. Or For a free demonstration of how great your windows could look, please feel free to have a look on my website www.jetwashseal.co.uk to see if I clean Windows in your area.